2007-06-22 14:35:39.000 – Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

Summer Snow!

No one can deny that working at the Mount Washington Observatory provides unique experiences, to say the least. This is only my third shift week and already I have felt 85 mph winds blowing through my hair (which is not very conducive to that model-esque windswept look), been completely immersed in fog, and seen significant riming.

Now today, I experienced snow (sideways snow at that) in June! Light snow fell for about an hour, with little accumulation, however I wonder how many other interns get to throw a snowball at their bosses this time of year?

Fortunately for me, I have a veritable treasure trove of L.L.Bean outdoor gear at my fingertips for occasions such as this. Not so lucky, are those who ventured to the summit this fine day a tad underdressed for this surprise snowfall. People could be seen taking cover in any nook available. I suppose this is an excellent time to remind people to consider the exceedingly variable and at times volatile weather we get here on Mt. Washington when planning a trip up to the summit.

Despite the weather, the summit was still teeming with people. Even the cog could be seen chugging up the mountain amidst the falling snow. Seeing all the people up here made me realize that all too soon, I will also simply be a visitor to the summit. Even though I am only three weeks in, it marks the halfway point of my internship. I suppose this is one of those situations where one could debate the volume of liquid in that philosophical glass. This time around I think I shall say that the glass is half-full of elderberry juice. I am looking forward to my last three weeks, but a sense of bitter-sweetness lingers on my tongue.


Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

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