2007-06-09 14:07:48.000 – The Reed Family,  Summit Visitors

The Reed Family on the Summit

We arrived up here on the top of Mount Washington, on a glorious Friday afternoon. It is our first visit to the summit as a family and we were very excited. This is a very special trip as we are to be guests of the Observatory, for the weekend. Our adventure began at the Weather Discovery Center where we met Susan and collected a parcel to deliver to the chef. As we drove up the Auto Road we saw a change of scenery and weather as we ascended up the mountain. When we reached the top we were introduced to all the observatory members on duty. What a friendly bunch of people. Then we took our first tour around the outside, taking lots of pictures along the way. As the Auto Road closed for the day, we were joined by the Skyline Drive Corvette Club. They arranged the corvettes on the lower parking area, there were around 30 cars, from 1964 to present.

As they too went back down to the valley below we were left on the top and ready to experience our first night on the summit. We were given a wonderful supper and made to feel very much at home. Our bunks were comfortable and warm as we listened to the wind starting to blow outside. The next morning after breakfast, we were given a tour of the weather center observatory and shown how the readings are taken. We saw how the apparatus works and how they track the weather. Outside now was fog hiding the valley below and the surrounding mountains. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the mountain and playing with Nin.

We enjoyed every moment, and we thank the staff for their time and friendship and we will always remember our visit to Mount Washington.


The Reed Family,  Summit Visitors

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