2007-06-04 23:40:39.000 – Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern


The last 48 hours have been busy ones despite the near constant fog enveloping the summit (95 minutes of sun since shift change). Sunday turned into a much longer day than anticipated between the daily routine, plenty of time down in the museum, and then the undertaking that was my first Obscast. After all of the filming took place Ken went off to bed while Kyle and I were left to come up with a finished product, despite no video editing experience on either of our parts. Needless to say Kyle and I were slightly overwhelmed yet determined, and wound up working well into Monday morning getting a crash course. We certainly should be better off next time around however with this knowledge, as well as some new filming practices we hope to try out next time to ease things on our end. Our friend the manual coffee grinder certainly saw plenty of use also, as neither of us is used to working nights.

I was fine staying up Sunday night into Monday morning with Kyle due to the approach of the remnants of Barry to the area making today essentially a miserable washout. Earlier Sunday, before all of this Barry business, I had undertaken a massive cleaning of the stairwell area of the observatory. The most “fun” part of that easily was pumping and bailing out a decent amount of standing water from the base and drying everything down there. After Barry let’s just say it looks like I’ll be having to undertake another, more intensive, pumping and cleaning session sometime tomorrow despite the continual emptying of 5 gallon water buckets all day. Such is the life of an intern though.


Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

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