2007-04-17 14:45:00.000 – Scot Henley,  Executive Director


As you might imagine, Mount Washington’s extreme conditions can do a numberon equipment, and this incredible Nor’easter has temporarily knocked thesummit offline. The crew continues to battle the conditions and take weatherdata, but the Internet connection is down for the time being.

So here’s the latest… It’s still snowing on the mountain, and they’vepicked up a total of 15″ of snow from this never-ending storm. Down at thebase of the Auto Road, there is as much as two feet of snow. Strangely, onceyou get down below Dana Place on Route 16, there is very little snow at all.Winds continue to be strong out of the east, hovering right around hurricaneforce. The big story is ice, ice, ice. Lots of glaze ice, and that may haveled to some of the communications issues.

In other news, I want to take this opportunity to invite you to help supportthe work of the Observatory by joining us on Saturday, April 28 at ourspring fundraiser over at the Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine. “AnEvening on Mount Washington” features a huge silent auction, live jazz and agreat spread of hors d’ oeuvres, and it’s hosted by MWO alumni Sarah Longand Charlie Lopresti, both TV meteorologists on WGME-TV 13 in Portland. Takea look at this TV commercial that they just shot in support of the event.

Tickets for this fundraiser are $100 and are still available by calling usat (800) 706-0432, ext. 230 or by visiting the events section of thewebsite.

Thanks for your support and think warm thoughts for the crew on the summit!My hat is off to them – this is not an easy time of year.


Scot Henley,  Executive Director

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