2006-10-03 16:30:49.000 – Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer


As I near the end of another wonderful week volunteering at the Mount Washington Observatory, I am melancholy about departing this wonderful experience.

I never get tired of coming to the summit of Mount Washington and cooking for the crew here in exchange for the opportunity it affords me in photography as well as personal growth and respite time.

As I was walking around the summit today I was thinking of the vast difference in weather from day to day. Not just day to day but sometimes hour to hour. That’s part of the fun of being here. Yes, it’s certainly nice to have the clear days. When you get them they are a gift. However, whatever weather conditions present themselves while I am here I make the best of it; for there is always something interesting that comes out of my adventure up here.

I enjoy meeting the observers and interns that are here. Each brings a fresh perspective to what they are doing and I learn a little more each time I come up. They are primarily graduate students and other young people looking for a career in the field of meteorology or other form of weather science. They are young, bright individuals that I have a lot of respect for. This job while it may be fun and interesting for them is also a tremendous responsibility and can sometimes be grueling. Such as having to shovel 8’ of snow from the fire escape, or having to go out in hurricane force winds and below freezing temperatures to deice equipment so that they can get accurate readings.

In the few days that I’ve been here I’ve seen snow, sleet, rhyme ice formations, fog, rain, below freezing temperatures, warm temperatures, hurricane force winds and mild breezes. That’s the beauty and majesty of this mountain.

So, as I prepare for my decent tomorrow I am already looking forward to my next trip up.By profession I am a photographer and being here is like the Disneyland of Photography for me. No matter how many photographs have been taken of this area, there is always new perspective to be found.

These photos you see here are just few of many:
The Cog
The summit
More of the summit
The tower
and of course Nin

More photos are available atPhotography by Katherine
PS: I can’t forget Nin. Of course being with the most famous cat in the world is an honor within itself.


Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

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