2006-05-22 10:12:50.000 – Walter Sessions,  Summit Intern

Back to winter…

“I miss warm.” opines Jim as more snow piles onto Mount Washington’s summit. Over the past 18 hours another 9.3 inches dropped, making shovels handy and hiking unwieldy. I don’t particularly miss warm; I flew up from Florida last week for a summer internship on the summit. When the choice is between hurricane force winds throwing around snow and throwing around palm trees, I’ll take a little winter.

With a snow to liquid water ratio of about 4 to 1 inches, this snow is heavy. I can not personally attest to this since I picked up a camera instead of a shovel, but it yielded very little to my walking. Also, I recommend choosing the camera over the shovel in most scenarios.

Even in the snow and fog, hikers and tourists made the journey to the summit yesterday. The Cog Railway won’t be running all the way to the summit today, but there will still likely be a few folks risking life and limb to visit the now open Museum and Gift Shop! (plugplugplug)

The past few days also afforded me my first ephemeral glimpses of the astonishing view from the Observatory. Unfortunately, the weather is done being generous. On top of that I’ll be missing my brother’s birthday today, so if you’re over by Dartmouth, wish everyone a happy birthday just to be safe.


Walter Sessions,  Summit Intern

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