2006-05-05 05:01:02.000 – Jim Salge,  Observer

Watching a great sunset from the tower…

By yesterday afternoon, the memories of the soaking misery of earlier this week had just about faded, as the weather turned downright spectacular. A morning undercast slowly rose above the summit, and temperatures also rose to their highest levels since before the October snow. And while 47 may not sound that warm, with bright sun and light winds it felt pretty fantastic.

By sunset, as winds turned southwest it felt like a summer evening, complete with the familiar ring of haze around the horizon. The clouds were pretty spectacular though, as the whole sky was filled with formations of ‘cirrus flocus’, a fairly unusual occurrence up here. All in all a great evening, and one that put us in a summer mindset, atleast until Sunday morning, when temps should plummet back into the teens!

With thoughts of summer, I’d like to bring up one of our big summer events here at the Mount Washington Observatory, Seek the Peak! The date for this fun event has set for July 22nd, but that doesn’t mean you can’t begin to get involved already. By registering early, you can take advantage of one of the new cool features of this website, and get a personal pledge page. This will allow participants to easily solicit pledges to further help sustain our non-profit organization, without having to worry about collecting any money themselves. Some pages have already been established, and examples can be seen here. With great prizes for top fundraisers this year, I’d highly recommend everyone planning to do the same!

Note: A special thanks for all who helped us by donating during the last weekend of our annual summit fund campaign. A full write-up can be found: here.


Jim Salge,  Observer

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