2006-04-25 10:18:00.000 – The Summit Crew,  Mount Washington Observatory


It has taken over a year of planning and construction, but today marks the first full day of the Mount Washington Observatory’s new and improved webpage! There is so much new and exciting stuff to talk about, we don’t know where to begin.

Maybe it’s the meteorologist in us, but we am thrilled about the new Weather section of the website. We have added some new and interesting links to this section of the page, and have gotten rid of some of the old. Some key features include: The actual METAR code we transcribe every hour is now displayed right below the current conditions. This may look like an alien language to some, but it is actually quite simple once you’ve had the practice. We are sure that one of the comments in the near future will act as a tutorial on how to read it. Another great feature is the MP3 and WAV file links that let you listen to the morning and afternoon higher summits forecast. Now you get to hear what each observer sounds like while getting that crucial hiking weather information! And not to be outdone is a better layout of radar, satellite, and weather forecast maps!

Another great feature is the easy to find pull-down tabs that describes the other foundations of the Observatory. The Research section highlights all of the past and present research projects in which the Observatory has been involved, and there have been quite a few. The Education section highlights our ever-evolving Outreach Program. This section also provides information about the Edu-Trip and Summer Seminar programs. These programs allow you, not only to learn about the weather and the Observatory, but to spend a night with the summit crew at the peak of Mount Washington!

A personalized fundraising page highlights what may be one of the biggest changes to the site. Whenever there are events, such as the upcoming Seek the Peak 2006 event, designed to help support the Observatory, you can sign up for your own personal page, and assist us in collecting the funds needed to support our organizational mission. If you do not want your own page but want to help out, simply click on one of the names already listed and sponsor that individual!

The Observatory would like to extend its thanks for everyone’s support for the organization throughout the years. It is with your continued support that all aspects of the operation of the Observatory can be improved upon so that we may carry on our mission of weather research and education.


The Summit Crew,  Mount Washington Observatory

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