2006-04-18 09:09:19.000 – The Summit Crew,  Mount Washington Observatory

A new look…

During the last few days, the summit has adopted a new look, a look that it had been struggling to embrace for the past few months. The summit is fully ensconced in its winter coat, complete with heavy rime accumulation, fresh snow and large drifts. The rime, or more correctly termed ‘glime’ ice is most impressive. Heavy, dense and blue in color, it has grown to massive proportions since the temperatures fel1 Saturday. Exciting, of course, a good storm always is…however, it’s further entrenching the summit crew’s case of spring (and spring skiing) fever!

We are also pleased to unveil a big announcement to the community today, as another part of the summit culture is also about to adopt a new look! A new version of this popular website will launch early next week, ushering in a new era in surfing the web in the White Mountains. The new site will have the same address, but will be far more user friendly, easier to navigate, and contain more weather information! There is even going to be a section for where individuals can set up their own Seek the Peek pages with pledges. A preview…sorry, this one’s under wraps, but I think you will all enjoy! Stay tuned…

Upgrades like this don’t come about quickly, and over a year of planning and programming has gone into this creation. The same attention to detail goes into everything that goes on in the organization, and especially at the summit. We’d invite you to help sustain our non-profit scientific and educational organization by contributing to the summit fund by the end of April, when our fiscal year draws to a close. Click here to find out how to help…

Thanks for sharing in this exciting time at the Mount Washington Observatory!


The Summit Crew,  Mount Washington Observatory

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