2006-04-02 05:51:58.000 – Nin,  Summit Cat

As we spring ahead this weekend, we invite you to help the Observatory spring ahead in a very important way. As a private non-profit organization, the Mount Washington Observatory relies on the generous support of memberships and donations to sustain not only the vital work at the top, but also its website, valley museum, research and educational programs.

For the annual summit fund this year, we still need to raise $65,000 to reach our goal of $140,000 for 2006. Staff, Trustees and Volunteers recently ran a phone-a-thon and raised $10,000 that was matched by an anonymous donor, however, we are still short of our goal. You can help! Please click on the Weather Matters Icon on the homepage now or before April 30 and help us continue our important work on the summit of Mount Washington.

At the summit, we provide weather hourly weather observations to the National Weather Service. These measurements are crucial for forecasting the region’s weather, and they continue to maintain our historic data record, which is proving invaluable for helping to analyze what’s happening with our climate. Recently too, you might have experienced the benefits of our exclusive 36 hour Mount Washington weather outlook, meticulously prepared by our observers daily. And at the summit, we teach as well, giving videoconference tours of our facility to students and visitors in the museum in the valley.

Please give generously. Weather matters!


Nin,  Summit Cat

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