2006-03-21 10:46:24.000 – Brian Clark,  Summit Intern

Talk about consistency…

My tenure as a ski instructor in the valley at Attitash Bear Peak ended last Tuesday since I came up on Wednesday for a two week shift that will end on March 29th (my first two week shift by the way). By the time I get back into the valley Attitash will be getting ready to close. So the question has popped into my head, am I ready for spring and warmer temperatures? Normally, after my home ski area of Tussey Mountain in Pennsylvania closes in early to mid March and I am done instructing for the year, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. However, the fact that I am up here is making me think twice about that. Ideally I would like winter to continue up here full force at least until mid April, but at the same time have some nice warm temperatures in the valley. Unfortunately, that is not a realistic ideal.

Regardless of what I want, the mountain seems to have its own agenda. Winter continues to firmly hold its grip on and it does not appear that it will loosen that grip real soon. Where was all this cold air in January?! However, this morning we are experiencing a heat wave by Mt. Washington standards. The temperature has climbed all the way up to 14 degrees at 11 a.m.! Considering that until today, our high temperature since we arrived on Wednesday was 3 degrees, it’s downright warm outside to us! The fog is also starting to lift a little bit and we could break out of the clouds for a time this afternoon. I am hoping that will give our volunteer Lewis and me an opportunity to go out to the snowfields and ski a run or two.

The picture above shows the graph of the barometer for the last four days. A rising or falling barometer is an indication of changing weather. You can see for yourself that there has really been NO change!


Brian Clark,  Summit Intern

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