2011-03-14 13:51:54.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer and Meteorologist

We really needed a picture!

How do you tell if it is raining cats and dogs? If you go outside and step in the poodles!

Mike Carmon returned to the summit today! That is certainly something to celebrate. Besides his boyish good looks and light and easy-going personality, his superior forecasting skills have been missed. I’m pretty sure Marty has noticed his absence as well. He’s been giving me that ‘What have you done with my favorite observer?’ accusing glare again.

Why hasn’t Mr. Carmon been on the summit? Well, upon waking on Wednesday morning, he looked (and reportedly felt) like he had been hit by a train. I sure as heck didn’t want to share a car ride with him for three hours, and he definitely looked like he wouldn’t be much use on the summit.

Some sort of flu has touched almost every observer this winter. I had a short-lived fever, chills, cough, and fatigue that I gave to Steve. Brian was pretty under the weather a couple of weeks ago, and this week both Mike Carmon and Ryan have been ill. Hopefully Finnegan’s immune system has enough antibodies to defeat anything that may linger here! I could easily get into how all that stuff works, but I think I’ll spare the readers excerpts from my favorite textbook, General Biology. In the mean time, I can only wash my hands frequently and encourage others to do the same! Stay healthy!


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer and Meteorologist

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