2011-08-30 00:07:59.000 – Peter Fisk,  Summit Volunteer


I am sure that those of us who volunteer for a ‘hitch’ at the Obs do so for a variety of reasons. Howling gales and sub-Arctic wind chills for some, rime ice and sleet for others. I sit at the opposite end of the spectrum so that yesterday was perfect. Clear skies, light winds, mild temps and views forever. I have to say I couldn’t see Russia from here but I could see Vermont. The day was perfect for a couple of short hikes, one down towards Lakes of The Clouds Hut and then another over to the top of The Great Gulf, and it is indeed great.

But the story of the day is Hurricane Irene. Being here atop The Rock Pile we are fairly immune to it’s potential as wind, precip and mist are normal. The one compromise to the event is a squadron of buckets scattered here and there in anticipation of wind driven leaks from the expected downpours.

I once described a sequence of cloudy days here as like living on a submarine and that analogy holds true for the next few days when the crew will be here in the gloom with power, food and water. However we will all be concerned about our family and friends in the low-lands below. It would be nice if we could ask Irene to bother us and not them.

Wherever you are, be careful and be safe.


Peter Fisk,  Summit Volunteer

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