2011-08-15 17:08:09.000 – Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern


This is my first week at the summit as an intern and it’s been a great experience so far. Tom has made this week easy for me by showing me the ropes. Pete, Steve, Rick, and Erin have always been there to answer questions if I had them. Everyone has made it easy to adjust to this lifestyle and I love it so far. I hope all the volunteers are as kind as Hillary and Tor. They have cooked some incredible meals the past few nights.

The weather so far has been foggy every day with one day out of the fog. However, I was able to go for a small hike the one day we were out of the fog. We went around 150 yards to the north of the observatory to view the Great Gulf Ravine. The view was spectacular and anyone who is planning on coming to the Mount Washington Observatory should take some time to experience this view. While I’ve been here the weather has not been extreme but listening to my co-workers talk about their stories from past weather gets me pumped up for the winter.


Kevin Cronin,  Summit Intern

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