2010-11-22 15:54:41.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

Meowww hello my adoring fans! It is I, Marty, your favorite summit cat, back to tell you about my fabulous life here on my mountain.

Now that winter is finally upon us, there have been far less people around the summit. This has been the purr-fect opportunity for me to roam about the building and do as I please without having to worry about the paparazzi following me around. There is one creature that remains, however, and that is the terrible blue and white monster that lives downstairs in the living room. I have tried time and time again to defeat the horrid beast, but have yet to do so. Purr-haps if I eat enough Crustacean Crunch (my favorite treat), I will gain enough strength to strike the monster down.

Speaking of downstairs, the ceiling has disappeared! It is now inhabited by snake-like creatures that Kristin and Jen have spent the week tugging at and putting labels on. I suspect their tags are to identify each creature so if they try to make any moves, they’ll know exactly where they are going. I have, no doubt, tried my best to entertain these fine ladies while they have been so hard at work by accompanying them in singing some of my favorite songs, including “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen (such great harmonies!). My meow-sical abilities have also further aided my subject…err observers and interns in their preparations for the holiday season. Stacey and Jen have been playing some sort of musical instruments all week, so I decided to do them a favor and grace them with my vocal abilities to add even more to their lovely duets. If these little numbers are being recorded for an album, this could just be my big break!

And as purrr usual, I have spent much of my days enjoying the quite up here and napping. Though for some strange reason it upsets the interns, I have found the purr-fect sized blocks to curl up on for a quick cat nap! Sometimes these blocks are opened and the interns seem to be reading the insides of them, so unfortunately I have to make do with other places on the weather desk. No matter where I decide to rest my head, this is paws down the best time of year to catch up on my beauty sleep.

All this talk of napping has made me tired, so this is where I will leave you my wonderful aficionados. Until next time!

Note: We may loose wireless connection due to glaze icing this evening and possibly into the morning hours. So if our WebCams and weather data are not updating, that’s why!


Marty,  Summit Cat

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