2010-11-04 15:26:51.000 – Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

Marty completely enthralled during movie night

As the summit museum supervisor, I was often asked what we do after our long 12 hour shifts. My answers always included board games, video games, Jeopardy! and of course last night’s form of entertainment, movies.

As last night’s flick started, everyone claimed their seats and settled in for a few hours of excitement. As I was grabbing a snack, I saw that we had an extra staff member in our midst. Marty had decided to watch the movie with us. I quickly realized that all the male staff members were comfortably lounging on separate couches and were completely glued to the screen. What, you ask, could have captured the attention of all these men? Well, it was Total Recall starring everyone’s favorite Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As I sat down to share Marty’s couch, I almost felt bad that I might have been disturbing the male bonding. As the movie progressed, Marty hung around for the whole thing!! He even let me share the couch with him. If you know Marty, you know that he rarely hangs around lots of people for extended periods of time or allows people to share his space.

In the end, we learned many things from Marty last night. He is an avid Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, he enjoys male bonding time, and his new favorite sleeping spot is the end of the couch, surrounded by pillows (he rotated half way through the movie).


Kristin Raisanen,  Summit Intern

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