2010-10-20 22:27:24.000 – Chet Wickett & Mike Sabia,  Summit Volunteers


What a difference a little more than a year makes. Two trips as volunteers two different experiences. The first was in early June, the weather was sunny and clear with some light winds. In fact we had six sunny days and at times could see all the way into Canada. Flowers were starting to bloom and we were able to get out each day for a few hours of hiking. We spent one truly magical day in the Alpine Garden viewing those hardy little alpine flowers, capping off the hike with lunch at Lion Head while watching a few die hard skiers in Tuckerman’s.

This trip brought us winter. High winds, snow and freezing rain for two days. Visibility stayed close to zero for three days. The Auto Road closed to the public and the Cog Railroad stopped chugging up the tracks. Each venture outside was for short periods but an experience to remember. We found that it is not easy to walk, talk or take photos in 75 mph winds. Finally on Monday the weather broke and we got a preview of how beautiful this mountain really can be with fleeting moments of sun and patches of blue sky. Collectively, we have accumulated 50 years of experience hiking and skiing in the Whites. Every trip brings a new adventure in a changing landscape. You leave looking forward to the next experience in the Whites.

Tuesday was our last full day, and we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. The red sky colored the snow capped peaks pink atop darkened valleys. Later in the day we went out and the peaks in the bright sunshine appeared to have been sprinkled with confectioner sugar against the green and amber valleys below. The contrast of snow and sunshine was wonderful to see. We were happy to lend a hand shoveling the minor mountain of snow and ice that accumulated from deicing the A-frame. During and after this storm and others to come, the task of deicing is never ending and is just one many of the tasks the Obs crew tackle every day. We continue to be impressed by the competence and dedication of the Obs crew. They perform numerous operations daily with characteristic aplomb all the while training the summit intern in the intricacies of their art.

We have enjoyed both experiences on top of the Rockpile with the Obs crew. We experienced the constant changing weather thrown at this mountain and did what was asked of us by cooking up some healthy culinary delights each day for all to enjoy. Each meal ended with good talk, camaraderie and laughter. We look forward to the next trip knowing that the experience will be memorable. Thanks again to the Obs crew for their hospitality and companionship.


Chet Wickett & Mike Sabia,  Summit Volunteers

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