Off weeks

2009-02-21 11:46:36.000 – Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern


Believe it or not, members of the summit crew actually do things on their off weeks. To some, they are weeks off work, others they are simply weeks off the summit. To me it is a great balance – every Wednesday when I’m at home I’m ready to come up to the summit and ‘enjoy’ the company of my friends up here and the weather. Then every Wednesday after a week on the summit I am ready to get away from my friends and spend some quality time with me. That seems to be the general trend with everyone that works up here. Since we always talk about what we do on the summit, I decided to let you in on what happens when we are at our other homes.

Stacey Kawecki, Educational Observer can be found lounging at her home in the valley or shredding the pow on her snowboard at Attitash. She occasionally goes to Hawaii or New Jersey to visit family and friends. Steve Welsh, IT Observer returns to his home in southern New Hampshire to spend some quality time with his wife and 5 year old son (I am told he is quarantined until after he showers though). Steve works on his off week, generally from home, doing IT work for a firm in his area. Mike Carmon, Staff Meteorologist is in the process of moving into his new apartment in the valley. He has been spending his off weeks in southern New Hampshire with some relatives, or going back to New Jersey (also where he was raised) to bask in the relative warmth of that tropical latitude and play some tennis. I live in a quiet town on Lake Winnipesaukee, where I work at Heath’s Supermarket. After a hectic week of hosting climbing trips, Day Trips, EduTrips, and Germanic trips, it is nice to have a tranquil place to myself. I try and get out for some backcountry skiing in my area and occasionally get up to Burlington, VT to visit with some close friends.


Jordan Scampoli,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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