On Course for the Coldest February on Record

2015-02-21 17:09:33.000 – Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


As most of the Northeast can attest too, this winter seems to be one of the coldest winters in recent memory. Cold Artic air has invaded much of the northeast for weeks now, with next to no rest for the cold and weary. In addition to the relentless cold, there has been week after week of winter storms, covering much of New England with upwards of 20 inches of snow. Here on the summit we have not been spared from this brutal winter. So far for the month of February we have seen our highest wind gust in seven years, above average snowfall and well below average temperatures.


If fact, currently the summit is on track to have the coldest February on record. So far the average temperature for the month is 3.1º below zero. The coldest February on record for the summit is 3.4º below zero. With there being 7 days left in the month and well below average temperatures staying in the forecast, it is projected that the average temperature for the month is going to be 5.3º below zero. This would not only set a new record for the month but also make it the third coldest month ever recorded for the summit.

Top 4 Coldest Months on Record For Mount Washington (1935-Current)
















While only time will tell where this month lands in the record books, it safe to say that this has been a historic winter season for not only Mount Washington, but much of New England.


Michael Kyle, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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