Our Volunteer Week on the Summit

2013-12-10 18:21:07.000 – Mike & Sue Zlogar,  Summit Volunteers

Mike Dorfman Decorating the Tree

Back again on the Summit enjoying the company of Ryan, Becca, Mike and Pratik, “Er…uh…” as the paw slides out from below…”Didn’t you forget someone?” Oh yes…and Marty! (Who I might add is presently zipping around the newly decorated Christmas tree.)

This week we have enjoyed scenic vistas as far away as the end of our noses for most of our time (one exception being the ride up which was beautifully clear with distant views), and winds sustained in the 50-75mph range (a peak gust of 91mph today).

Each time up here to volunteer has its own set of memories, perhaps this time would be called “the respite from the world and adherence to the desire to slow down,” trip. Mike and I enjoyed catching up in the old style fashion of reading…holding a book…listening to Becca’s most excellent adventures from her trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands (the Summit’s own Dora the Explorer) and chatting around the dinner table…reminding us that if we don’t want progress to control us…sit down as a family and enjoy a meal! We discussed everything from the exhibits at the Cryptozoology museum located in Portland, Maine…what really happened to the comet ISON…different skill sets for getting to and from the precip can safely when there is a whiteout…to what the dress code for the New Year’s Eve fundraising dinner on the Summit will be…just for starters!

Summit Volunteers enjoy planning evening meals and executing them for the biggest chunk of “work.” The crew never turns down extra meals or baked treats, but be sure to make the necessary adjustments for higher altitude baking! (See inside of kitchen cupboard doors for “adjustments.”) Always appreciated and helpful is to plan a little extra for leftovers…for lunch…for a late night snack for the night observer…quick bites for the shift change crazies and the “just in case you weren’t expecting company to drop in…drop-ins.”

There are daily housekeeping chores to attend to (day by day chores are posted on the refrigerator), and because we are together 24/7, those chores are an important part of making it work for everyone. Simple courtesies like respecting each other’s personal space, remembering the crew has their work to accomplish and enjoying the unexpected…whatever it turns out to be are helpful guidelines for a memorable time on the Rockpile!

If you are interested in volunteering on the Summit, just go to the tab at the top of the web page and click on About and follow the link to Jobs and Volunteering (or visit this page)…if more of an armchair adventurer please consider a membership, (or in this season of giving perhaps a gift membership for someone you care about,) you’ll really enjoy reading Windswept without having to get windburn!


Mike & Sue Zlogar,  Summit Volunteers

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