2008-09-05 21:38:09.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Mount Washington summit from Lakes of the Clouds

With summer rapidly drawing to a close we are taking every opportunity to finish off our outside task list. Since it was warm and mostly fog free today we were all busy with outdoor painting tasks. Jordan and I spent a few hours this afternoon giving the top of the parapet a fresh coat of safety red paint. After a winter of being hit with a crowbar, to remove rime and glaze ice, it was certainly in need of a touch up. We soon found out that 30 plus mph winds certainly makes painting harder and forces you to be very careful otherwise the paint is blown clean off the brush. The Stevenson screen also received a new coat of paint today and is once again ready for the new season. We’ll soon be moving our painting efforts indoors especially since the weather will be deteriorating soon with the approach of Hanna later this weekend. It will be interesting to see what this system brings although we aren’t expecting anything too severe.

This evening Stacey, Jeff, Jordan and I hiked down to the AMC hut at Lakes of the Clouds. The hut will be closing for the winter soon and, since the weather was so good, we took the opportunity for a quick visit. We couldn’t stay long since the sun is setting early now and we also had pizza waiting for us when we got back. The hike was a really nice end to a good day.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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