Paw-don This Interruption

2016-05-05 14:15:27.000 – Marty, Summit Cat


With the distinct honor and privilege of being the Observatory’s most distinguished and venerable staff member, I write to you with a belly full of scrumptious treats and a mind bursting with invaluable observations regarding high-altitude life as the sagacious Summit Cat.

The summit observers tell me this winter has been a mild one, but I wouldn’t know it. The cozy interior of the weather room has been my purr-imary dwelling place throughout the last few months. Anything below 40F is far less than ideal for my delicate feline senses. Nevertheless, all of this parched wintertime air has been drying out my fur like you wouldn’t believe, so I am looking forward to the longer summer days ahead. And all of this lounging around is inhibiting my cathletic abilities—outside time is long overdue!


Summer also means new interns, more nights stretching my paws amongst the rocks, and an influx of visitors—all of which are sounding pretty good right about now. I do enjoy my alone time, don’t get me wrong, but it will be nice to see some more friendly faces up here soon. The observers are becoming immune to my powers of purr-suasion, so it’s about time for some fresh faces that are primed to spoil me silly.

If you’re interested in a visit to my summit domain this summer, and the exceedingly exciting expectation of catching me in the flesh (and fur), consider a summer day trip or a weather station tour. The observers may not shower me with enough treats, but they certainly know how to give a great tour! 


Marty, Summit Cat

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