2009-03-11 08:51:37.000 – Gates Ingram,  Summit Volunteer

I just had a day of opposites. Most people think of this as the good vs bad, or on the Rockpile, beautiful vs fog, overcast, etc. For me this happened to be two very beautiful days with nearly equal 100 mi visibility and everything as clear as they could possibly be. The difference? Taking photos.

I was blown about leaning into the 60 mph wind last Thurs., with -2 temp and a wind chill of about -34. I had to brace myself against anything offering solid footing, shoot several frames to ensure a picture was taken as I couldn’t hear the shutter clicks above the roar of the wind, put the camera under my armpit beneath several layers of fleece & Goretex(zip, unzip), to restore power when the camera said “batteries exhausted”, repeat this after every 2-3 shots. Do all this wearing glove liners so as to be able to press the shutter button, and with balaclava, full face mask, hat, hood, ski goggles nearly obscuring my vision. However, this paid off in crystal clear photos off fresh rime ice in various forms. And numb fingers.

Yesterday, Tues., was spectacular as well: I could see the ocean as a very fine red line on the horizon. Views of the Presidentials and surrounding mountains, ski areas, lakes, etc. and beyond were much the same. However, I wore light shirt, vest, sun glasses, no gloves, and shot my pictures in 0.1 wind speed and +32 degrees. It was easy as a breeze! NO, change that – No breeze.

This is just part of the mystique and enjoyment of being on the Rockpile as a volunteer!


Gates Ingram,  Summit Volunteer

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