Rain Rain Rain

2010-08-22 23:03:06.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

Well, I didn’t get to have my Dad and Kathy write a comment last night. After an excellent dinner of spaghetti and salad, we sat down to watch Get Smart and had a wonderful time laughing. Bed soon followed, and when we awoke this morning, the rain had arrived during the night. The whole northeast is pretty much getting hammered with rain, heavy at times. In the forecast, we have been mentioning the possibility for flash floods, especially in the gulfs and ravines of the White Mountains. Another area of concern in rains such as this is the Auto Road, as parts of it are dirt with steep drop offs to the side. In some rare instances, this can be enough to cause a road closure and with their car on top of the mountain, we thought it best for them to head down early before things “went downhill”. No, it’s alright…you can laugh at that. Anyway, that is the reason I am providing the update tonight. As the day wore on, the rain continued, fog persisted, and winds slowly picked up. Becca and I worked on taking the RM Young anemometer down as winds were high enough for the pitot to take over and there is no sense in unnecessarily stressing an anemometer. Although it was driving rain, it was nice to get outside and work in it for a little bit. Having not changed into rain pants, the right side of my pants got quite wet. I guess I will simply consider that a mid-week washing! I think I too will take one of those tomorrow (you’re welcome, Steve).


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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