Reflections from a Departing Intern

2012-08-03 22:29:32.000 – Adam Brainard,  Summit Intern

Among my favorite sunsets from the summit

While I am not one to tread the well beaten path with my observer comments (i.e. ‘Life and Death of a Snowman’, ‘Twas the Night before Seek’, et cetera), allow me to follow tradition and write a succinct reflection on this, my final week as an observatory intern.

I have had a blast working at the observatory this summer. I have dipped my hands in a world of new sights and experiences, many of which I would not have encountered anywhere else in the world! I have met new friends and colleagues whose wisdom and friendship will help shape and guide me the rest of my life, and got to entertain Marty, my favorite Maine Coon cat in the world. I have worked on several projects that have exposed me to the research and historical side of meteorology, and have learned important computer analysis and computational techniques that will be extremely beneficial in my future. I have been able to meet and talk with fantastic observatory members and individuals coming from many different backgrounds, and have loved inspiring an interest in both Mount Washington’s amazing weather and the efforts of this extraordinary observatory.

I would like each and every observatory supporter to know how grateful I am for their effort. From the staff to the volunteers to the members in the public, working for and with you has been something I will treasure the rest of my life. I wish you all my best as I depart to continue my studies at Valparaiso University, and hope to be with you or serve you again in the future.


Adam Brainard,  Summit Intern

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