Ride to the Sky

2007-06-14 18:36:35.000 – Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

The standard for Thursday

Leather clad motorcyclists and the roar of motorcycles effectively took over the summit today for the Auto Road’s “Ride to the Sky.” While going on a brief walk today down to the helipad with Maria to take care of some maintenance, a continuous stream of bikes streamed by, rendering conversation utterly useless. The lots up here were also predictably packed from end to end with them as well (see photo). It certainly was a different atmosphere up here on the summit, but needless to say everyone was great and it certainly was a pleasure chatting with the visiting bikers. And on top of that we had a great day down in the museum and shop which is always a plus for us up here!

The weather couldn’t have been better today as well, as we awoke to some patchy undercast before the clouds lifted for the afternoon. Now we’re finally in the clear for the most part, with just a few patchy clouds around. I’ve been actually able to learn some visibility markers which I’d been lagging behind on, due to last week’s shift being almost exclusively in the clouds. The weather has certainly put everyone in a great mood and is welcomed by all as we can get done some important maintenance tasks which require dry conditions (in addition to simply not feeling trapped by the clouds). Just keep your fingers crossed for us that the pattern holds!


Dan Harnos,  Summit Intern

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