Rime Time

2007-06-07 18:54:15.000 – Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

Photographing rime at night

My second week on the summit has started off with a bang, as I got to experience Mount Washington’s infamous rime for the first time. During my first week on the job, the summit experienced a streak of warm and clear weather that lulled me into a false sense of the conditions up here. I must admit I am glad that I have now gotten a taste (even if very small) of the winter-like weather conditions Mount Washington has to offer; even though this meant staying up late to help photograph riming in conjunction with the hourly observations. Hey, at least I am getting to use that winter jacket I packed!

My intern training continues, and I will soon be giving frequent observatory tours. This week I have been joined by my fellow intern Cathy. I have been showing her the ropes around the observatory, and she has been showing me a thing or two about meteorology. Also new this week, are observers Brian Clark and Zach Allen; both former Mount Washington Observatory interns. I am excited about working with them and getting to know them better!

Even as a Forest Engineering student, I have caught the weather-bug that everyone seems to have around here. My free-time has been filled with reading meteorological literature and poring over cloud types. Last week I had proclaimed that I wanted to see Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds (which resemble oceanic waves) and was most excited when I experienced them on a morning observation today. My appreciation of meteorology grows every day, and I eagerly anticipate being exposed to the myriad of weather conditions and phenomena Mount Washington has to offer.


Lynn Metcalf,  Summit Intern

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