Ryan Buckley visits mount washington

2009-05-16 07:45:04.000 – Ryan Buckley,  Former Intern

Humor and entertainment take on a whole new meaning when it comes to the summit. The long strands of inside jokes between co-workers become so mangled, knotted, and intertwined that almost every word that is said can be referenced back and a joke can be formulated creating immense laughter, sometimes uncontrollable. This ability comes with an 8 day long shift spent with the same people cooped up inside with no outside influences to speak of. After not being part of a shift for quite some time a good majority of the inside jokes where out of my reach to sling back anything witty to say though I knew the meanings where intended to be funny. Spectacular weather events, fierce sunrises and peaceful sunsets put a hold on the laughter and solace is rather found in silence. No witty remark compares, Mother Nature has a better sense of humor and is more entertaining, than we can ever become.


Ryan Buckley,  Former Intern

A Surprise Aurora

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A Glimpse at METAR Reports

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