Science in the Mountains

2009-07-29 11:12:37.000 – Scott Wehrwein,  Summit Intern


If you’re in the White Mountains area, come check out this evening’s installment of the Mount Washington Observatory’s Science in the Mountains program. Every Wednesday evening of this summer, we’ll be using video conferencing technology to travel to science centers around the world to learn about our environment from experts on various topics.

This week, we’re taking a trip down under to the Reef HQ Aquarium, where just about 65 million years ago, the Australian continent formed a part of the land mass called Gondwana, which was located in the cold southern waters. As it broke away and drifted north into tropical waters, a coral reef system started to grow on the continental shelf along the eastern coastline. Today, covering more than 133,000 square miles, the Great Barrier Marine Park is recognized as a unique area of outstanding value to humankind and a jewel in the crown of the world’s natural wonders.

Admission to this fascinating program is free, so come by the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway at 7 PM and enjoy an evening ‘down under.’


Scott Wehrwein,  Summit Intern

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