2010-04-11 17:09:58.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

The return of some white out of the office window

Winter is back! The funny thing is that I shouldn’t have to say that thistime of year because winter isn’t really over on the mountain yet. Theproblem is that it’s been so incredibly warm lately that it has felt likewinter was over. Consider that our average daily temperatures for theearly part of April are in the low 20’s while temperatures over the lastcouple weeks have been running, at times, 20-30 degrees above thataverage!

As much as I love winter, I really do enjoy the other seasons as well. Infact, this time of year I am very happy that it is warming up in thevalley and the transition to summer is getting underway there. On the summithowever, I like for winter to hang on a bit longer, mostly so that I canget in a good long spring skiing season above treeline and maybe even somedecent summer turns. Unfortunately, the last couple weeks has likely spoiledthe chances for this this year.

As the much more seasonable weather looks to stick around, at least into later thisweek, I am keeping in mind that there have been some years where May seesa whole lot of snow (as much as 95.8 inches, in fact!). Maybe we’ll have one of those Mays this year!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

Spring is Here

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