Shear Power…

2007-01-24 09:50:18.000 – Jackie Johnson,  Summit Intern

Broken Bolt from high winds…

To say the least, it has been an interesting week up here at the top of the rock pile. From extreme cold temperatures, to extreme winds, to comparatively warm days with little wind, this week has kept all of us up here busy. The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous! It has been hard to stay inside and get work done when the conditions outside have been so inviting. I am quite amazed that any of us got work done.

One of the most interesting things that happened was while walking around the summit after the high winds, Brent and I stumbled upon something that looked like a ball frozen into the snow. Being the curious people that we are, we gave it a little kick hoping for the ball to go flying and we could have some fun. Instead, we discovered that the ball actually was not a ball at all; it was actually a dome that looked as though it fell from the sky. Brent and I brought the dome inside to Jim, and found out that it was the top to the GPS unit. A couple days and emails later, we found out how the GPS became decapitated; the 5/8 stainless bolt that holds the top on was sheared completely through. It is quite amazing to think that the wind was able to break through a rather large steel bolt.

There are so many interesting things that are occurring here every day that I could never have imagined. I am quite sad that today is my last day up here. It is going to be hard to go back to classes and studying after spending two weeks up here seeing all of these new things.


Jackie Johnson,  Summit Intern

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