2006-10-23 10:08:00.000 – Neil Lareau,  Observer

Srevice road turns

Following Jon’s lead from yesterday, today’s comments will be mostly pictures.

But here are the details:

It snowed; it’s still snowing. About 6” of dense snow are on the ground in an atypically evenly disturbed coating. It is lovely.

I went skiing. Jon took a few pictures. Here they are:

Clicking in |Getting to the service road ||Making turns |happiness |

It could snow everyday this week. It will be cold, lots of readings in the teens. Next weekend there could be a bigger storm.

****IMPORTANT BULLETIN*****The Sherman Adams Building (operated by New Hampshire State Parks) is now closed to the public for the season. The Mount Washington Auto Road is also closed for the season, as is their summit facility “the stage office.” The Cog Rail Way may run on a conditional basis. Please contact them at 603-278-5404. This means that there are now no public facilities on the summit, nor any alternative forms of transportation apart from your own two feet. Please plan accordingly.


Neil Lareau,  Observer

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