Slingin’ In the Rain

2018-06-14 17:16:09.000 – Sarah Thunberg, Summit Intern


This week I really got the ball rolling on my summer research project with fellow intern Griffin. The project consists of us going out 3 times a day taking temperature, humidity, and wind speed measurements at 8 different locations on the summit. One of the instruments we’ll be using is a sling psychrometer that you swing around in a circle to measure the humidity. This week’s goal was to go outside as often as possible and test the instruments in all weather conditions, including rain and high winds. So we did just that, we walked right outside into the rain, our rain gear flapping in the wind, and arms outstretched holding the slings out into the wind. While standing outside in the rain, I was reminded of a certain Gene Kelly song and thought it was very appropriate given my current situation. I guess that will be the theme of the summer, Slingin’ in the Rain.

Griffin Slinging in the Rain 

Saturday we finally came out of the clouds and I could enjoy the view again. As the clouds were clearing through the day the summit kept passing in and out of the undercast as thicker clouds briefly took over the summit. I went up to the tower watching the clouds pass by in the quiet morning, it was so peaceful. Stratocumulus were spilling over the northern Presidentials disappearing at the crest of the ridge. A stray cloud would occasionally pass across the lower summit just beneath my feet as if I was walking on the clouds. I was indisputably queen of the mountain!

 The Northern Presidentials Clearing out of the Clouds


Sarah Thunberg, Summit Intern

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