Snow on the way…

2007-04-14 11:34:12.000 – Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

In a sea of white…

Today looks to be the best day this weekend to get outside and enjoy the summit, as winds have lightened and the clouds appear to be thinning. Heading outside, the first thing I noticed, as I walked out onto the observation deck, was the immediate snow blindness. The past 24 hrs deposited several inches of rime ice on everything, which has combined with the current freezing fog and dimly visible sun through the clouds to create a pure, bright white landscape across the summit. Here is a picture of our volunteer taking a walk outside.

It is amazing how quickly the summit appearance can change, as it was only 2 weeks ago that it looked like mid May across the peak, with spotty patches of snow and quickly dwindling snow fields. But now, we are back to mid February, with the ravines and snow fields piling up the snow from the recent storms. And it’s a good thing too, because with this year’s snow totals well below normal, spring skiing might have been coming to an end much earlier than usual.

The good thing is, it looks like more snow is on the way too, as the storm poised to impact the Northeast late this weekend and early next week. The storm will likely provide various impacts to the summit, from strong winds to heavy precipation, possibly mixed at times. But we’ll take it!


Brent Antkowiak,  Summit Intern

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