Snow, Snow, Snow!!!

2015-02-03 22:05:19.000 – Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist


The last few weeks have either been wonderful or miserable for those who live in New England! To all the snow lovers (like me!), we made up for what we were missing in December and early January! According to the National Weather Service, Eastport, Maine has recorded 76 inches of snow since January 24th! That’s over 6 feet of snow!! Boston also broke its record for the snowiest 7-day span, measuring 40.5 inches of fresh snow since January 27th! I live in Bath, Maine, which got hit pretty hard by all of the storms in the past few weeks. The current National Weather Service snow depth map (see below) shows a healthy 30-35 inches on the ground where I live! I’m counting myself extremely lucky to live in an apartment complex that takes care of shoveling, so I get to enjoy the snow without working too hard!

And it’s not over yet! A few more inches are in the forecast for the near future as a Clipper system pushes through tomorrow. The coast may see a bit more snow than inland areas out of this system. Looking even further ahead, another low pressure system may bring some flakes towards the weekend, with yet another one poised for Monday, and another possibly late next week (although this is getting more like wish-casting than forecasting due to how far out and uncertain it is). While there probably won’t be another snowmaker in the next few days like the one that dropped 2.5 feet of snow on Boston, we’re definitely in for several more disturbances in New England for the start of February.


It’s getting pretty snowy in Maine! Picture from the National Weather Service


Michael Dorfman, Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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