2012-03-01 18:20:26.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant


Yet another week on the summit of Mount Washington and things are off to a snowy start. Although I am bummed that I am not in the valley to enjoy the fresh powder, I will make do on the summit. After all there is sure to be a few hours of shoveling outside to satisfy my craving for snow. It seems that winter might actually show up to the party like a Rockstar, late but in full swing.

Personally I welcome winter as it happens to be my favorite. Winter on the summit is an experience that is so difficult to explain unless you have lived here. Sure the pictures and our comments help, but there are truly a lack of words to fully describe it. It seems to be a common draw that returns our volunteers to the summit in the winter. They all rave of the raw power of the wind, biting cold, incredible rime ice, and all Mount Washington has to offer.

For those of us who work here we are glad they return because they really help us out. Summit living would be a different story without them. The best part is our volunteers are members and really love why we are here on the summit. So if you want to really experience the summit in winter think about becoming a member and spending the week with us among other great benefits of joining. If you join now as an added bonus you will get a gift card with our gear sponsor Eastern Mountain Sports.


Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant

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