Snowmobiles, on the summit!

2011-03-20 17:51:09.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

Antique Snowmobiles

Around midday today, Becca asked me “Do they allow snowmobiles on the Auto Road?”. My answer was no, followed by an inquiry as to why she asked. A look out the window answered that question, as I saw quite a few snowmobiles coming around the corner just below Home Stretch. They weren’t just any snowmobiles though, they were antique ones, belonging to folks in the New England Antique Snowmobile Club. I recalled that the Auto Road has allowed these special snowmobiles to come up the road as a scheduled event, but I had never seen them make it all the way to the summit. I had always been told that this was because snowmobiles, in general, do not handle the water ice that often covers large portions of the road above treeline. Right now however, there isn’t much water ice showing, and the snow coverage on the road is generally good right now as well.

Of course, the generally nice weather today also played a big role in allowing these very interesting snow machines to make their way to the summit. Winds died down below 10 mph several times this afternoon as temperatures rose into the lower teens. Skies remained mostly clear through the day, allowing for plenty of sunshine as well. It’s amazing how warm the sun starts to feel this time of year as the angle of the sun increases. A storm moving in tomorrow will bring the nice weather to an end. Any precipitation that falls tomorrow and tomorrow night will be all snow here on the higher summits, while valley locations will likely see some mixed precipitation for a time later tomorrow.

This storm, as well as another later in the week, will serve as a reminder that winter isn’t done yet, both here on the summit and in the valley. Although I am definitely ready for some spring skiing, I am more than ok with the addition of a little more snow before it begins to disappear in the next few months!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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