So Long Summer

2012-10-21 16:43:01.000 – Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


Well it’s that time of year again. After a really busy summer season the Sherman Adams building is now closed to the public. The Auto Road is also closed to the summit, however, they’ll be running Snow Coach tours to treeline starting in December. Weather permitting the Cog Railway will be running trains to the summit until conditions prevent them from doing so.

Anyone planning on hiking Mount Washington should now be prepared for winter conditions and realize that there are no facilities available to them once they reach the top. This means no restrooms, no food services and no shuttles either – if you hike up then you’ll also have to hike down.

As if on queue the weather turned today as well. Yesterday we saw unusually mild temperatures, in the upper 40s, just shy of a daily record. The winds were very light and we could even see the surrounding peaks. Not so today, it’s been a much more normal day for late October – temperatures in the upper 20s, winds reaching 80 miles and hour, panoramic views to about 100 feet during particularly clear spells and we have ice building up on everything. It looks like it’s going to get colder and windier tomorrow.

So long summer.


Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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