SR 6/11/11

2011-06-11 16:25:48.000 – Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

Cold, Windy, and Rainy Summit

While I will not say this very often, I think today has been a good day not to be out on the trails. Other than watching the large cap cloud pour over us into the Great Gulf early this morning (as Mike mentioned below), it has been pretty crummy hiking weather all day. The Summit has been in the clouds with minimal visibility, frequent rain showers, and temperatures hovering around the mid-30s. Walking around the Sherman Adams building and working down in the Observatory gift shop, I have not come across too many hikers with smiles on their faces. In fact, for the first time since I’ve been working in the gift shop, I think we sold more winter gloves, socks, and rain gear than Marty memorabilia! Something tells me hot chocolate sales were at a record high upstairs as well. For those hikers who are braving the weather out there (tomorrow’s forecast looks pretty similar to today’s), make sure you have proper footwear for wet rocks and bring enough clothing for potential hypothermic conditions.


Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

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