Stephen Rosenman 5-31-11

2011-05-31 16:07:15.000 – Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

Sunset behind the Northern Presidentials

As a hiker who considers the Whites home away from home, it is pretty awesome to be able to call Mount Washington my new home for the summer. Living up here offers so much more than one can experience solely as a day hiker. In my first week, I have witnessed several beautiful sunsets, a full undercast to the east, and the most vibrant stars I have ever seen. So, for those of you who are members and have not done so yet, I would highly recommend volunteering on the summit for a week during the summer because you certainly will not be disappointed.

While adjusting to daily life up here, Jacki and I have constantly been learning more and more about the Observatory, weather, and our fellow coworkers. As someone who does not have too serious of a meteorology background, I am trying to soak up every bit of information as we go and am looking forward to coming out of the summer with a much stronger understanding of the extreme weather Mount Washington experiences on a daily basis.

I am also still amazed by the accessibility of our surroundings while working up here. On Sunday, a couple of us hiked down to Airplane Gully in the Great Gulf where Mike and Rebecca got a quick ride in before dinner. While I was very jealous I did not have my snowboard with me, I was blown away by how close our ‘playground’ is to the office. Last night as the sun was setting, a few of us took a relaxing hike down to greet the new croo at Lakes of the Clouds hut and spent the evening getting to know our nearest neighbors.


Stephen Rosenman,  Summit Intern

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