Still Holding out for some INTENSE weather…

2009-11-21 20:26:00.000 – Will Tourtellot,  Summit Intern

A Step In The Right Direction

In yesterday’s comment, Mike Finnegan brought to light the fact that many of the comments from this month have focused on the abnormal weather we’ve had on the summit. However I think that we’ve been experiencing all sorts of crazy weather events this month because people, including myself, have continued to write and talk about them. I, for one, don’t want this erratic weather to continue and to that end, I have decided to enforce a ban on this subject. I think that the weather, in a manner similar to that of a child, likes the attention it’s been receiving this month. Of course, it’s appropriate to pay children plenty of attention and build their self esteem as the grow, but sometimes they act up, show off, embarrass their parents and generally take things for-granted. My point is that I think the weather is behaving like an ungrateful child and now it’s time for some tough love. I certainly don’t think that this is one of the best metaphors I’ve ever come up with, but I wanted to make it clear to the weather/child, that an arrogant attitude will not be tolerated any longer. So, It’s time to straighten up and fly right. I really hope this approach works because after this shift I only have two more shifts before my internship ends which means that there’s a lot of extreme weather that had better take place between now and then. The aforementioned extreme weather will hopefully allow me to do things such as, become part of the “Century Club” and ride to the summit in the snow tractor. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get to do some skiing. But, until at least one of those things happens, the tough love will continue, or at least I’ll keep crossing my fingers because I am clearly powerless!


Will Tourtellot,  Summit Intern

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