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It is November 29, 2007. It’s almost impossible for me to believe that four months have gone by since beginning here. It was either Brian or Ryan who said to me, during my first week, “Days won’t go by fast, weeks won’t go by fast, but months will fly”. It’s completely, undeniably true. In the past four months, I’ve experienced rain, snow, hail (for the first time in my life), lightning storms, winds over 100 mph, sleet, treacherous trips to the precip can, single digit temperatures and then some. One thing remains: sub-zero temperatures. Being from New Jersey, sub-zero temperatures don’t occur often, and for New Brunswick, NJ, the average temperature for January is some where around 29 degrees. That’s a balmy day up on the summit. In the timeless classic video game, Mortal Kombat II, I played two characters, one was Mileena, the other was Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero was a great character, because he could wield the power of cold air. He could freeze his opponents in mid air with a simple motion of his arms, and strategically create patches of ice on the ground to unbalance his opponent. For a weather geek like myself, this was just amazing and awe-inspiring.

You may ask, “What does this have to do with anything Observatory related, besides a quick reminiscence of childhood games?”

Sub-zero temperatures are on their way to the summit. We won’t see this in the next thirty six hours though. Those hours will be dominated by some high, gusty winds, a little bit of snow, freezing fog, and only single digit temperatures. However, a nice blast of cold, crisp air is forecasted to make its way into the region for tomorrow night. For someone from a relatively warmer climate, this is an exciting time. So, if you see someone on the web cams, doing weird things with her (or his) arms, it’s probably me, trying to “wield the power of cold air”, and freeze my “opponent” in mid air.

For a picture of Sub-Zero, go to this link:



Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

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