Subaru Science at the Ballpark

2008-08-13 14:10:11.000 – Ken Rancourt,  Everyone’s Buddy


It is nice to be back on the summit again after a long respite. The cool summer breezes are great, and the fog has just broken so I can see into the valleys. While Mr. Clark is on vacation in sunny PA, Jim Salge and I will be covering for him for the rest of the shift.

Although it is nice to be back on top, I’ll miss what is likely to be a really great program at our Weather Discovery Center in North Conway. Tonight is the fifth in a series entitled Subaru Science in the Mountains – A Passport to Science

As Michelle Cruz says: This summer the Mount Washington Observatory will take you to scientific destinations far and wide! Using videoconferencing technology, we’ll connect you with interesting people doing interesting work in a number of scientific fields.

Join us on August 13 at 7PM when we visit Cooperstown to learn about the science of baseball. What do the stitches on a baseball have to do with aerodynamics? Why do some hitters choke up at the bat? Why do some players wear leather batting gloves? We’ll take you to the National Baseball Hall of Fame for all the answers. Admission is free. The Weather Discovery Center is located next to Citizens Bank in North Conway. Seating is limited, please arrive early. Refreshments will be served.

For more information call (800) 706-0432 ext. 225.

I know that my ball hitting technique needs improvement, and this program could really help my swing, if nothing else. I’ve seen some of the props that Michelle has gotten together for the show so my one bit of advice to those who attend is to not sit in the front row!


Ken Rancourt,  Everyone’s Buddy

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