Summer Changes

2021-05-03 13:55:24.000 – Nicole Tallman, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


As we approach the warmer months, relatively speaking, the summit has begun some of the prep for summer! The first in line on our list of transitions was roping off an area on the observation deck. This is done to prevent damage to our very valuable instruments. There is a list of changes that occur in the months to come including removing our winter storm windows from the weather room and offices. This is an extra layer of protection that we install to protect our primary windows from scratches or damage from flying debris. These windows will be removed soon once we feel the risk of flying ice is low! We will also be roping off the area surrounding our precipitation can as well as swapping our larger winter precip can for a shorter summer can. We rope this area off again for the protection of our instruments and data! There are also various heat tapes and heaters that will be turned down or removed as the temperatures start to rise. Lastly, our well known red parapet will get a fresh coat of paint as well as our white thermoshack. The white color to the thermoshack ensures that heat is not absorbed by the box, influencing the temperatures being read. These are all some of the changes on the instrumentation side of things.

Painting the parapet red a few summers ago 

There will also be changes to come with staffing and procedures. For one, we will be getting interns soon! With the warmer season comes many new tasks which interns are able to provide a hand. Not only do our interns help us with weather observations, forecasting, broadcasting, research and other weather-related tasks, they also lend a hand in our summit museum. The museum will be opening this year however protocols and operations will be different than in past years. Stay tuned for more updates on protocol!

Summer ropes installed on the deck to protect our instruments 

The New Hampshire State Park, Mount Washington Auto Road and Cog railway will all be opening soon. Check their individual websites linked above for more information on their opening dates, procedures and protocols.  Please, also be sure to check the higher summits forecast and, AMC backcountry trail conditions before hiking to the summit. We are excited to be entering the summer and look forward to all the changes to come!


Nicole Tallman, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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