Summer Feelings

2012-05-13 23:54:33.000 – Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

After our most recent cold snap at the end of last week, today, even more so than yesterday, looked and felt like summer on more levels than one. When I started my observations this morning, it was relatively warm (in the 40’s) and the horizon had that summer time hazy look to it. In fact, visibility was only 35 miles most of the morning, which is nothing compared to what our visibility can be when we’re not in the clouds. This afternoon, we even had the first chance at a thunderstorm for my shift so far this year. The storm ended up weakening before getting to us, and only ended up being a quick shower, but it was close.

In addition to all that, it felt like summer because there were lots of people up today. With the decent weather, the Cog ran three trains instead of the two they had originally planned on running. Although the Cog has been running, the Auto Road isn’t open to the summit yet. It still felt like a busy day though, since this was the first weekend of tourists (for my shift) after the typical long winter hiatus.

Full blown summer weather and visitor levels will truly be here in no time. Of course, who knows what will end up happening on the weather side of things between now and then!


Brian Clark,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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