Summer on the Summit

2010-07-07 18:06:46.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern


After a long weekend on Long Island for the 4th I am glad to be back on the Rockpile. Although spending ample time at the beach, relaxing on the boat, visiting with family and friends, and partaking in patriotic festivities to all hours was a blast, I am ready to have a normal schedule back. Anxious to see what weather we might experience and what adventures might be made is setting up for another great week.

Ascending the summit this morning I was hoping that with the altitude the temperature would decrease. It did decrease… just not like I was hoping. Today we saw a high temperature of 68 degrees. Only two degrees lower then the record high set in 1939. With the high pressure in the area and low winds we stood a good chance of coming closer to, or even setting a new record. However a cloud layer above us prevented adequate heating. Needless to say today every door was opened, every window cracked, and shorts sported. A fashion I had yet to experience on the summit but welcomed. It seems that summer is now on the summit.

As a side comment, 20 years ago today my vision of being an only child was altered when we welcomed my little brother Jared to our family. So for the past 20 years now I have had the pleasure of turning my parent’s hair gray with a partner in crime. Happy 20th Birthday Bro! Love ya, be safe, and have fun.


Rebecca Scholand,  Summit Intern

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