Summit Christmas Song

2016-12-25 16:55:43.000 – Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist


Over the years I have done “summitized” parodies of Christmas stories/songs and since I am working this year, I figured I’d add to that portfolio. In the past, I did a parody on the poem/song “The 12 Days of Christmas” titled “The 12 Days of Summit Christmas.” Another one was “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with an obs spin on how the story goes. This year, I am putting a twist on the song “The Christmas Song” which I am titling “Summit Christmas Song”. So as your reading it, put it to the tune of “The Christmas Song” to get the full effect (although I do have to note that it didn’t work quite right with Christina Aguilera’s version, which was first up in a Google search – great version, don’t get me wrong, but she rifts a bit too long at times to follow along with). I hope y’all like it. And our crew would like to wish you all a: MERRY CHRISTMAand JOYFUL HOLIDAYS!
“Summit Christmas Song”
Rime ice forming on our weather tower
Glaze ice coating all our clothes
Deicing duties done once an hour
Obs folks dressed up, from head to toes
Everybody knows an ice mallet and a crowbar
Help to keep instruments right
Day folks listen to“tink tink” from afar
While night folks work through the night
They know that winter’s underway
Loaded summits with snow n’ ice will soon display
And everyone in New England is gonna spy
The shining, white jewel rising into the sky
From Agiocochook or Mount Washington
To hikers and skiers just to name a few
We’re extending a message to everyone:
Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas sign in blue lights with observatory tower lit behind


Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist

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