Summit Crew Celebrates National Pie Day

2012-01-23 21:57:31.000 – Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

Three Pies entered in the Summits contest

For any of you who haven’t heard today is National Pie Day. As it turns out there are actually two days to celebrate a National Pie/Pi day. Today is when we all celebrate National Pie Day and March 14th is when National Pi Day is celebrated.

As part of the Celebration here on the Summit we had a pie back off and tasting today. There were three entrants in this year’s contest, Brian Clark with a Boston Cream pie, Rebecca Scholand with a Lime pie and special guest Sara Long from WGME in Portland with a Banana Cream Whoopi pie. Last year’s winner of a very similar contest that involved a bread bakeoff was Sara Long so all were wondering if she’d rain for a second year or if the cup would be passed to a new winner. To keep everything fair and impartial we invited Jim and Bill from the State Park over to be the judges.

And this year’s winner was Rebecca Scholand who’s also the newest member of the Summit Crew.

Sara and Dave are up here with us for three nights shooting a number of segments so look for some great footage on WGME of life on the ‘Rock’ Pile over the next several weeks.


Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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