Summit Crew Goes Rock Climbing for an Early Seek the Peak

By Alex Branton

Seek the Peak is just around the corner, meaning lots of people will be heading out on an outdoor adventure in an effort to support the Mount Washington Observatory. While most people choose to hike Mount Washington on the day of the event, many others find alternative ways to get outdoors and raise money for the observatory. No matter the adventure that participants take, everyone is invited to the Après hike party hosted by Great Glen Trails. While most MWOBS staff will be attending the event, the summit weather station cannot go unmanned! This year, Weather Observers Charlie Peachey, Alexis George, and I will remain on the summit through the event to maintain our 90+ year record of continuous weather observations. Summit interns Maya Hartley and George Mousmoules and museum attendant Corbin Tate will also remain on the summit to assist with daily operations. Even though we will not have the opportunity to participate in the event on July 20th, we still wanted to find a way to celebrate Seek the Peak.

I have always enjoyed doing anything outdoors, but my favorite activities include hiking, running, and rock climbing. Due to a stubborn knee injury this summer, hiking and running haven’t been possible, so we all decided to go rock climbing in the spirit of Seek the Peak. While a couple of us are experienced rock climbers, the majority of the group had never done it before. This made the prospect of climbing all the more exciting because I love to share the thrill of the sport with others and support their discovery of a new outdoor adventure.

On Tuesday, July 2nd, we set out for Rumney Rocks, New Hampshire. This climbing area is great for experienced climbers and beginners alike for its accessibility, good rock quality, and variety. We arrived to the climbing area early in the morning, prepared the ropes, organized the gear, and headed for the rock. Those of us that had climbing experience lead routes and set top ropes for the others. It was a lot of fun watching everyone climb for the first time and supporting them as they learned a new sport.

Weather Observer Alex Branton and boyfriend Trey belaying Weather Observer Alexis George and Summit Intern Maya.

Museum Attendant Corbin Belaying Summit Intern George.

We all enjoyed just being outdoors with one another on a beautiful day. Exhausted after a full day of rock climbing, we headed to a campground which was conveniently located along a river. Without hesitation, we all jumped in the river for some relief from the heat and spent time soaking in the cool water. We spent the rest of the night sitting around a campfire, watching fireflies, and recounting the day’s adventure. Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait to go again!

Weather Observer Alexis George’s dog Freedom wearing their EMS bandana.

We hope that you consider supporting our mission to advance the understanding of Earth’s weather and climate by joining us at Seek the Peak this year! Your support and participation help sustain our free services, like the Higher Summits Forecast and the Current Summit Conditions page, which are critical for hiker safety. If you’re unable to participate in the event but would like to support our team, click here. Thank you for your support!

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