Summit Return

2013-05-30 17:17:50.000 – Samantha Brady,  Summit Museum Supervisor


It’s my second summer and second shift week up here working in our Museum and Gift Shop. This is my second season up here and my last one that will be spent before our complete renovation. In the fall we will be tearing out walls and by the following May we will be home to the new Extreme Mount Washington Museum.

However, with all the changes that will be happening this winter the personalities of the organization will still stay the same! We are all excited to finally have the opportunity to share the experience that we have living and working on top of this beautiful mountain top.

My job is a one of a kind job. Not many people can say that they have worked in a museum located on top of a mountain. I am proud to say that I enjoy the work that I do for this organization and am looking forward to the big changes in the near future to the museum. So, if you are a frequent visitor of Mount Washington via the Auto Road, Cog Railway or by foot, you should stop into our museum this summer and make sure to re-visit next year to see the great changes that we will have to offer!


Samantha Brady,  Summit Museum Supervisor

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